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What You Need To Know

Price: $99.00
COMPREHENSIVE VEHICLE INSPECTION: Test drive vehicle. Inspect tires for wear, Inspect front and rear suspension for wear; Inspect drive belts, cooling system hoses. CV joint boots for cracks and tears; Inspect exhaust system; check condition and level of all fluids. All lights for illumination. BRAKE INSPECTION: Remove all 4 wheels. CHECK CHARGING SYSTEM. PRESSURE TEST COOLING SYSTEM.

Parkway Auto Care . 6615 Woodland Drive . Shawnee, KS
Ph 913-422-7007 .


Intake Cleaning System

Price: $168.52
CLEAN UPPER INTAKE SYSTEM: Clean idle motor passages. Clean throttle body air intake. Visually inspect fuel lines and fuel rails. Visually inspect fuel pressure regulator vacuum lines and connections. De-carbonize intake manifold, combustion chamber, pistons, intake valves and exhaust valves. Clean oxygen sensors to extend oxygen sensor life and for better performance. Clean catalytic converter for improve emission handling. Possible Results: • Reduced emissions • Restored horse power • I

Parkway Auto Care . 6615 Woodland Drive . Shawnee, KS
Ph 913-422-7007 .


Car Care Tip of the day

When driving a vehicle equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS), don’t pump the brake when stopping. Pumping the pedal does not allow the ABS to properly engage. Instead, hold the pedal firmly down without letting up and let the ABS keep the wheel from locking up as the vehicle slows.

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